WOOF Accomplishments

WOOF for the Cure has established an ongoing collaboration with 11 veterinary oncologists and has now enrolled over 50 canine patients across two studies. Thanks to the many families who have enrolled their pets, WOOF for the Cure has driven the clinical optimization of CIVO and is actively contributing to the development of two investigational drugs. 

We continue to work towards our two main goals: (1) to provide oncologists with a technology that will allow them to select optimal anti-cancer drugs and reject ineffective therapies for each patient with confidence and (2) to identify the most promising drug candidates earlier, thus helping define the future of cancer care. We are proud to be able to help our enrolled canine cancer patients and their owners by covering some of the costs associated with their treatment. 

On-going Studies

Past Studies - Enrollment Complete

  • Evaluation of clinical feasibility in canine sarcoma

Currently Featured

The WOOF for the Cure study was featured from December  to June 2016 as part of an on-going family-friendly exhibit at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle! The movies below were produced by the Pacific Science Center as part of the exhibit, which also features several other exciting research ventures in the Seattle area. For more information about the exhibit, please follow the link below. 

Learn about how a dog named Sammy is helping Seattle cancer researchers. This video was produced by Pacific Science Center as part of its 2015 exhibit, A new way forward--cancer research in Seattle.

Researchers at Presage Biosciences in Seattle have developed a device called CIVO, which allows doctors to inject several anti-cancer drugs at once directly into a patient's tumor. This video shows the CIVO device in action, as part of the "WOOF for the Cure" clinical study.